Watch Complete details about Jallikattu by Bio-Diversity Conservation Council Members

Watch Complete details about Jallikattu: One of the leading YouTube channels for the Internet audience in Tamil Nadu and Tamil-speaking people is Put Chutney. The Culture Machine Media Pvt Ltd is operating various Channels in India like Being Indian. In that, the Put Chutney is one of the Channels among other nine.

According to the date of January 12, the channel is crossing with the subscribers of 2 Lakhs 89 Thousand. Till date from October 27, the channel has made eight YouTube Live Chat videos with the various interesting personalities. Today on January 12, the channel had a Live Chat Video along with the members of Bio-Diversity Conservation Council of India (BiCCI). It is fully about the importance and clarification of the culture sport, Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu.

Chairman Mr. Srinivas Ratnasami, Secretary Mr. Himakiran Anugula, and Trustee Mr. Raja Marthandan gives answers for the audience questions. Also, they clarified some general questions regarding Jallikattu and its benefits.

Watch Complete details about Jallikattu

The three members of BiCCI explained briefly for the following questions. The Put Chutney team Raj Mohan asked various general questions and also he asked the Put Chutney’s audience questions to the BiCCI team.

  • What is Jallikattu?
  • How this Jallikattu is a benefit for Bulls?
  • What about other state games which related to Animals?
  • What happens in future, if Jallikattu may ban completely?
  • Who are all behind this ban and what are all their motive?
  • What are the complete procedures & rules of this taming Sport, Jallikattu while play?
  • What is meant by Kovil Kaalai?
  • How the Central Government Supported for Jallikattu?
  • Who all leave their comments against this sport?

And more other questions are there by the audience.

Thai Pongal is a festival of Tamil harvest. It is a four-day festival which according to the Tamil calendar is normally celebrated between the period of January 14 to January 16. It is special culture festival in Tamil Nadu along with the play of Bull. The people of Tamil Nadu farmers is treating their Bulls as one of their family members. They celebrating this festival along with the Bulls known as Jallikattu.

Watch Kombu Vacha Singamda Lyrical Video – about Jallikattu

Kombu Vacha Singamda Song by the G V Prakash Kumar, Arunraja Kamaraj. The music composer of this song GV Prakash said that the entire revenue generated through this Song will be given to Struggling Farmer families… An Initiative from Our Side. The Song officially released on January 12 at 06:00 PM on GV Prakash Kumar’s official YouTube Channel.

In 2014, the PETA India – an India’s Animal Rights Organisation has banned this Bull taming sport in Tamil Nadu with the help of Supreme Court. However, the students and the people of Tamil Nadu seeking the central government for the permission in 2017 Pongal. The College students are protesting against some Animal welfare organizations and they all need this Sport in this Year with the Central government permission.

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