arrested by federal agent

What To Do If Federal Agents Are Arresting You

Are you someone, or do you know someone who has been arrested by federal agents? Is it time to consider looking for your lawyer and not a state-appointed one? Before you start looking for a federal lawyer, there are things you can do to help with your case. 

If you have concerns, this article will discuss some things you need to remember if you are being arrested or suspect you will be. Additionally, we include some ways you can find a good lawyer to help you in a criminal case. 

There are many reasons you may be arrested or be concerned about an arrest for a federal crime, but all must be based on the probability of a crime being committed. If you do not think you have done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. 

However, you will still need a good, experienced lawyer to ensure that you are following the best course to show innocence.

arrested by federal agent

What To Do First When Being Arrested

The first thing you should do if you are being arrested is to be quiet. In most federal cases, someone will come to your home or place of work with an arrest warrant. Once they have given you this, you must not say anything to them. 

Remember that the people there are not your friends, and if you choose to start a conversation, this could be used against you if or when your case goes to trial. In cases where you are arrested, you may have heard on television shows that you will be told you can remain silent. 

Staying silent is the best recommendation, whether you or someone you live with is being arrested. The agents who come with your arrest warrant or the one for your family will be looking for more information than they currently have. Remember, they will be taking everything you say seriously, so it is best not to say anything. 

The next thing to do is to call an experienced Denver federal defense lawyer. The more time you delay getting a good defense lawyer, the more time the government has to build your case. 

Do not delay; you are allowed to call for a lawyer, which can be more beneficial than waiting for the state to find you a lawyer, as you can start your defense straight away.

If You Receive A Search Warrant 

Similarly to an arrest warrant, someone will come to your house or place of business. You will be served with a search warrant if the agency you are dealing with has probable cause of a federal crime being committed and is looking for evidence. 

In this situation, many people may need to be made aware that you can call for a police officer or lawyer to be present during the search to ensure that your rights are being upheld. A police officer or federal criminal defense lawyer will be able to ensure your civil rights are being upheld during any search of your property. 

Additionally, they will ensure that there is no questioning at the time. A search warrant is not a way for the government to get additional information from you on a case they may be building.  Having a professional with you can help you avoid this. 

Having a chat while the search is being conducted can feel natural. However, if you say something that they misinterpret, it could work against you. Having your lawyer there can help mitigate this. 

What Next?

When it comes to being arrested, the next step after calling your lawyer is to work with them to determine why you have been arrested and build your defense. 

If you call for a lawyer for a friend or family member and are unclear about the reason for the arrest, a lawyer will determine why the arrest happened and work on a defense. 

Being arrested does not mean you will face jail time, as much as this can be the case, and it is a terrifying prospect. If you know the reason you have been arrested, it is important to tell your lawyer why you think you have been arrested and discuss options for your defense. 

In the case of a search warrant, there are a few possible next steps. If the warrant is followed through and no evidence is found, it is likely that this will be dropped, and there will be no future problems. However, depending on what the government believes you have done, there may be future warrants. 

A search warrant does not always lead to an arrest. If there is believed to be something found, whether information or something that was being searched for, you may then be arrested. However, if you follow the advice and have your lawyer present, they will know what is happening and be able to work with you through the charges. 

Other Reasons To Get A Lawyer

Being arrested and having your property searched are not the only times you may need a federal lawyer. The government can send you a target letter; this is a letter you will receive to say that the government believes you have done or aided in a federal crime. 

Many people will see this letter and believe that they are going to be arrested. If you work with your lawyer when you receive this, they can help you discover what is happening and why you got the letter, as well as help you deal with this by helping you plead your innocence. 


Federal cases can be quite difficult because the government will be working on your case and guilt before you are aware that you have done something wrong. In most cases, lawyers may look for a plea deal for you. If you get a good lawyer who works with federal law, you will be helped without a plea deal. 

A criminal defense attorney cares about you. They want to know why this is happening and what they can do to help you. A plea deal is not always the best solution. Find a lawyer who cares and will help you with your case.

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