WhatsApp will launch Call Back Button: In the recent days, Facebook’s WhatsApp updating lots and lots of features including end-to-end encryption across messages and file sharing features. The New Report says, the iOS and Android users will make a Call Back to their Friends via WhatsApp without opening WhatsApp Application.

WhatsApp will launch Call Back Button
WhatsApp will launch Call Back Button with Voice Mail and Zip File Sharing Features

WhatsApp will launch Call Back Button

According to the Phone Radar report, WhatsApp will launch their ‘Call Back’ feature as soon. The Users can be enabling to call back their friends and families without opening the app by just a tap of a button. That button will appear in the notification panel and also on the WhatsApp call notification.

WhatsApp will launch Call Back Button with Zip File Sharing

After the updating of pdf file sharing features apart from Documents, Spread Sheets, and Slides files. Noe, the Company will launch their Big update as sharing huge files through WhatsApp, its named as Zip File.

As we mentioned about the Beta Testing Programme on this article, here you can get all the testing features as like this upcoming public features.

WhatsApp will launch Call Back Button with Voice Mail

Also, the WhatsApp will allow the users to record their voice and send as a Voice mail to their contacts. This features will be updated only for the iOS users as of now. The update of Voice Mail comes with a condition if you are trying to make a call to your busy mean, then the WhatsApp will recommend you to send the Voice Mail.

Users on Android don’t have this feature; that we can expect this feature on Android as very soon.

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