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When You Should Consult a Car Accident Lawyer

You can be involved in a car accident anytime and anywhere. It is astonishing because even experienced and careful drivers are involved in car accidents due to the recklessness and negligence of other drivers. Car accidents are prevalent in the city of Albany.

Albany is the principal city of New York State, found on the northeastern side of the United States. With a population of 98,000, Albany has a beehive of activities, with its main economic activities being transportation, healthcare, the education sector, tourism, and technology. It is home to the New York State government, the largest employer in the region.

car accident lawyer


One of the major causes of car accidents in Albany is the city’s high traffic volume. Therefore, it is vital to understand the right time to seek legal counsel and how a car accident attorney can protect your rights and secure desirable compensation for your case.

This article will help you stay informed about when it is appropriate to consult a car accident attorney for your case. Let us dive in.

Lack of legal experience 

Anyone with no legal background cannot handle any case in a court of law. Therefore, filing a car accident claim can be overwhelming for inexperienced individuals.

If you miss one step, your lawsuit will be thrown out forever. For this reason, seeking an experienced car accident attorney to lead you through the process and guarantee you a win in your case is essential.

You incurred serious injuries

Most car accidents cause severe injuries and life-long deformities such as amputation and limb loss, fractures and broken bones, burns, spinal cord injuries and paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, and disfiguring facial injuries and scars.

Besides mental, emotional, and physical injuries, car accidents can cause long-term injuries, which might lead to loss of wages. This condition can plunge you into a financial crisis. Not to mention the high amount of money you may use to settle your medical bills; the situation can deteriorate your economic health.

To avert this crisis, you must hire a car accident attorney to help secure the compensation that will cover your future and current medical bills and any other expenses you might incur. The attorney will be able to present medical and other professionals to defend and prove the gravity of your injuries to secure your desired compensation.

If the accident involved drunk driving

Driving while intoxicated is a criminal offense in the United States. The person who caused the accident can be jailed. In this case, you must consult a car accident lawyer to help you secure the required compensation. 

The compensation for victims of drunk driving accidents can include lost wages, mental anguish, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and vehicle repairs and replacement.

Inability to establish a fault

Some car accidents can be so confusing that you are unable to know who is responsible for the damages. Establishing fault is vital because it is the first step in settling an accident claim.

Insurance companies, with their unfairness, may take advantage of this situation and blame you for the accidents to prevent offering you fair compensation.

A qualified and experienced car accident attorney is privy to the insurer’s ill-motivated tactics and will come out firmly to prove your case and assist you in receiving the settlement you deserve. The attorney can investigate the car crash and determine the at-fault party.

Lowball Settlement

Every insurance company is a business enterprise for making money, and it can use any means to push you to get lower compensation. You have every right to refuse the first offer from your insurer.

A car accident attorney who has negotiation skills and problem-solving skills can help you reach this decision. In addition, the attorney will tally your damages and come up with an estimate to help you receive desirable settlements.

In conclusion, if you are a car accident victim, it is imperative to consult a car accident attorney to help protect your rights and secure desirable settlements for your losses. A car accident attorney will ensure you get fair representation and increase your chances of favorable results.

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