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Why is Gun Control Important?

Did you know that every day, more than 500 people die from gun violence?

Although the United States has a huge problem with gun violence and frequent mass shootings, others would benefit from common-sense gun control laws. In addition, many establishments implement gun detection technology to limit weapons in public spaces. These safety measures have proven to be effective in preventing tragedies from occurring.

But unfortunately, some people oppose gun control. These people claim that gun control laws would be ineffective and useless to implement them. While it’s illogical to think that gun control laws would eliminate gun violence in a day, it’s also highly illogical to believe that the solution to gun violence is to bring more guns into the equation.

gun detection technology

Let’s discuss six reasons why gun control is important.

1. Gun control laws can help save lives

Why is gun control important? Because gun control saves lives.

It’s not that difficult to understand that the more people who own guns in an area, the more guns will take more lives. Whether involved in homicides or suicides, guns harm and kill people.

And this is, unfortunately, what many gun owners use them for.

Gun control could prevent unintentional deaths. The simple addition of automatic child-proof safety locks could stop unintentional shootings and prevent tragedies involving young children.

Saving lives should be a priority. And implementing common-sense gun control laws should be a priority as well.

2. A gun makes it more likely that a conflict will turn to violence

Many people think that keeping a gun in their home will protect themselves against criminals and intruders.

Sadly, only a few people will ever use firearms in self-defence. Gun owners are more likely to put their gun against their partner or family member than to stop a crime.

If a gun is present during a domestic dispute, a woman’s risk of murder increases by 500%.

Guns will always make it more likely that a conflict or argument will turn to violence, resulting in a homicide. On the other hand, common sense gun control prevents violence and death.

3. Guns affect people negatively and make them fear for their lives

Gun violence can affect anyone, but it affects women, people of colour, and marginalized groups.

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their community and get to school, work, the hospital, or go grocery shopping without fear for their lives.

And yet, guns in a community threaten marginalized people. Living in fear of being shot will affect them psychologically.

And this is why gun control is important. It helps keep people safe and feel secure.

4. Bans and background checks help prevent dangerous individuals from getting guns 

In the United States, as much as 40% of gun sales are undocumented and don’t require any background check. Anyone can buy a gun, including mentally ill people and known felons.

Mandatory background checks would prevent potentially dangerous individuals from buying guns and perpetrating violence.

Bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines would also prevent gun violence and mass shootings. After all, no law-abiding citizen needs to own a weapon created for mass killing. It makes absolutely no sense to allow anyone to buy these, especially not without a background check.

5. Just because criminals don’t obey the law doesn’t mean there should be no laws

People who oppose gun control claim that since criminals don’t obey the law, it’s useless to implement laws. They think that gun control laws would not be respected. They think that the only sensible solution to gun violence would be to ensure everyone could own a gun to defend themselves against criminals.

As mentioned, adding more guns will not solve the problem but only worsen it.

After all, just because criminals don’t obey the law doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be no laws. Imagine if we said that since there are people who rob banks, everyone should have the right to rob a bank!

Common sense gun control is imperative. Ensuring those who don’t obey gun control laws face consequences is challenging but also important.

6. No one should take for granted the right to own any type of gun they want 

Finally, gun control is important because people should not take for granted the right to own any type of gun they want.

In the United States, those who oppose gun control cite the Second Amendment of the Constitution, which they claim protects their right to own guns. In reality, the Second Amendment was written to protect the right of a well-regulated militia to own guns.

It says nothing about granting citizens the right to own assault weapons or to keep a pistol in their pocket at all times.

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