Wild Crypto (WILD) Coin price increased 50% high in a day

Wild Crypto News: WILD price is getting hike again at the end of January as it was reached its lifetime high in the first week of this year. On later days, it faced some huge down in the mid-month. It touched $1.52 USD on January 7th, then it fell to $0.38 within ten days on Jan 17. But, today’s day started with some positive green lines in the graph.

There were many reasons behind the fall of coin value in this month to all crypto such a rumor on the crypto ban in China followed by Japan and new regulations of the Japanese government on crypto trading.

Today on Wednesday, 31st January is looking good for some coins except the top coins in the market. Wild Crypto is one in the list which increased 50% high in a day. Now the value of this coin is $0.97 USD with the market cap of $23 million at 03:30 UTC.

WILD is the Ethereum-based token of Wild Crypto, which is used to trade on the exchange. On August 15th, the Wild Crypto’s Initial Coin offering (ICO) started, it is a decentralized anonymous gaming platform.

It allows the users as a part of the world’s lottery and lotto. At present, it is world 377th valuable crypto coin according to the coin market cap.

WILD Crypto Coin

Buy Wild Crypto and trade in the exchange websites which given here: Cryptopia and EtherDelta are allowed you to buy and sell WILD.

Latest Official update: The testers are helping us find some small issues but they are loving the new Platform. Just a few more days. Thank you for your patience it will soon be rewarded – on 28th January.


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