Who is the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil season 1 – Aarav, Bindhu, Ganesh, Harish, Snehan

After the Bigg Boss Telugu Final, this is the time to know the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil season 1. Suja Varunee evicted from the show at the end of 13th week. Now, there are only five contestants for the finals and also one of them will be evicted in the midweek. So, the final winner will be selected from the only four contestants. Arav, Bindhu, Ganesh, Harish, and Snehan are the final five of Bigg Boss Tamil season 1.

Arav, Ganesh, and Snehan are the three contestants who all living from the day 1 of the Bigg Boss Tamil house. Bindhu and Harish are the both entered into the house after 50 days. The final week Nomination list has directly out by the Bigg Boss without any nomination process on Monday’s episode.

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil season 1

Based on the performance and activities of the contestants’ in the house and tasks which all given by the Bigg Boss, they will get a chance to win the title. Bigg Boss gave all the important factors to the present housemates that how to be live on remaining days to win the title.

Anjali’s surprise visit makes the housemates as happy and they all played few games. Anjali visited the Bigg Boss Tamil house for the promotion of her upcoming film “Balloon.” Recently, the makers have released a song called “Neenga Shut up pannuga” which is Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Oviya’s own phrase. While all the inmates have a dance with actress Anjali for this song. Then, they have a cup task in the activity area.

Vote your favorite to make the final Bigg Boss Tamil winner. Follow the method to vote online. Also, use the missed call way to vote.

Missed call method: You can save your favorite contestant by giving a missed call per day. Check the numbers here below:

  • Arav 7210122301
  • Bindhu 7210122316
  • Ganesh 7210122304
  • Harish 7210122318
  • Snehan 7210122313

Use any one of the mehtod and make your favorite as a winner of the Bigg Boss Tamil 1st season on this weekend.


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