Yahoo Sports app for iOS is Redesigned with New Features

Yahoo Sports app for iOS: The Yahoo search engine has updated on the category of Sports for iOS Mobile users. This New Update has personalized new options such as news, streams, scores, notifications and video. The Online search engine company updated this features as a new design on the homepage and news site. There is a compatible experience with the desktop PCs and Sports iOS mobile app.

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Yahoo Sports App Update with New Features for iOS
Yahoo Sports App Update with New Features for iOS

Yahoo Sports App Update with New Features for iOS

These new app has designed with the four tabs such as Favorites, Sports, Headlines, and Alerts. While the Favourites option has the personalized stream of news and video that is based on the user favorite team selections

There is an additional option which helps to watch the live games from our iOS Mobile, and this newly redesigned app shows the recommended videos.

Video is a big deal for us in the new Yahoo Sports app. Clicking on a team’s icon from the Favorites page will take users to a dedicated team page topped by the latest highlights and clips. The personalized and team-centric news streams also sparkle with video action. And don’t forget all of our great live content like our MLB Game of Day.

Download this New iOS Yahoo Sports App from APP store. Stay tuned for More Tech News and Updates


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