Computer Engineering Girl died: The 19-year-old computer engineering girl died due to the small silly fight in her boyfriend’s friend house, Maharastra.

Young Computer Engineering Girl axes to Death in Maharashtra

Young Computer Engineering Girl axes to Death in Maharashtra

A girl, Aishwarya Aggarwal (19) is an Arnala resident in Maharashtra. And she is a computer engineering student in VIVA college in Virar, Maharashtra. She had a relationship with the alleged Sohail Shaikh (20). He is living in Virar. On this Friday (September 02, 2016), she went his friend’s house near Gokul Town. Deepak is the name her friend. Both of them face each other in the fight and she died, she has axed more than 20 times.

Yunus Shaikh, police inspector, Virar police station said,

We have taken two youths into custody, for interrogation. We are checking phone records and are trying to ascertain the motive and identity of the actual killer in the incident.

Her boyfriend Sohail Shaikh said,

“We are investigating all angles in the case and are awaiting further reports to confirm if the girl was sexually abused.”

Palghar police department Officer said,

“We suspect that the girl may have resisted sexual abuse by the friend of her boyfriend, which could have led to the assault, followed by the attack with an axe.”