YouTube App Updated their Homepage

YouTube App Updated their Homepage with Different Design

YouTube App Updated their Homepage with Different Design: The Google’s Video Streaming Service Mobile Phone App was updated their Homepage. The Concern Team and analysis says, the Mobile Internet usages are developed more then PCs on these days. Especially, the internet service providers are also provided their Unlimited internet data plans for mobile users. So that, lots of peoples made their experience by watching videos on the go. Yutube plays vital role on this part of human life today.

YouTube App Updated their Homepage
YouTube App Updated their Homepage

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YouTube App Updated their Homepage

YouTube announced some changes on their YouTube Mobile Phones App with the userfriendly for Smartphone users. YouTube reported about their App design updates in their blog on this Tuesday dated April 26, 2016. In that notes, from the day itself, the users of iphone and Android can feel the new redesigned homepage.

The Video Thumbnail and the Videos are now bigger in size with the new fresh color coat of paint. So that, the users can indentifies their expected video as crearly and improved or enjoied their daily life as more than before days with YouTube.

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Also the company, YouTube Introduced and redesigned their recommendation services by introducing neural network technology.

YouTube Main App Product Manager, Brian Marquardt said about that technology on their blog as “The new recommendation system is based on deep neural network technology, which means it can find patterns automatically and keep learning and improving as it goes.”

This new update suggest you that more recent videos that uploded by the Youtube video creators currently. So you can able to watch all those latest created videos in a good manner. All this changes are already live on Google Play Store for Android users and Apple’s App store for iOS users. Check it out and update this New Design for the new experience.

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