ZClassic hits $117.70 first time after rising 225.15% high

ZClassic: As like the NeosCoin, today is a fantastic day for ZClassic which increased every high in its period so far. It jumped more than US$50 or 196.35%, currently, it touches $107.88. As of December 28, the lowest of $32.72, which was open with the $43.72. Even it was low in 26th December, with the market cap of 17 million. Now, it is $195 million on 29th December.

It was founded on 6th November last year and open to the public on 10th November. In that time, it was open with the value of $5.27 and its market cap was $164,050. For the 100 days, it flies high from $1.95. The aim of ZClassic is all about the PoW proof type and Equihash algorithm.

It has Zcash blockchain, which is aiming to enhanced privacy for its users compared to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin by using the cryptography. Zcash had the facility of hiding information of a transaction and also maintaining some specific things on transparency.

All the transaction details are recorded and anyone can view any other transaction details but can’t able to see that who is at another end of the transaction. Only able to see the transaction amount as how much was sent and received. Can’t able to see who sent and received it. So, it is commonly known as private transactions protected with zero knowledge proofs.


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