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How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Men’s Boots for Your Valentine

As someone who has always looked at what’s on a man’s feet before anything else, his footwear can tell you( nearly) everything that you require to know about a man. Quite a lot of men can rock sneakers. And many men own a pair of dress shoes. Men’s boots, still, are a heavily underutilised shape of footwear, and we suppose it’s because not numerous people know where to start. It’s really a shame since men’s boots come in such an astounding range of designs, heights, materials, etc. Basically, men’s boots are the one piece of footwear that every man should possess.

Men’s boots are not only functional but they also make men more charming. Indeed if a pair of men’s boots appear jarring, sleek, classy, and all about perfect they don’t go well with a formal outfit. Boots are essentially casual. They come from sturdy roots, and that is enrooted in our perception of them. That is why men should simply wear them with jeans or chinos.

men's boots
men’s boots

Listed below are many men’s boots that you can gift your boo this valentine’s-  

  1. Chelsea boots – One of the most versatile men’s boots out there. In fact, if you are indecisive, Chelsea boots are the type to go for. Chelsea boots are ankle-length boots with pull-on rather than going through the hassle of tying the lace. These close-fitting men’s boots feature an elastic side panel, and they’re generally made of suede, making them super comfortable for your bae.
  2. Ankle boots – Somewhat similar to Chelsea boots, ankle boots share comfy and form-fitting calibres. But rather than elastic mesh, ankle boots feature a zipper or strap that won’t stretch out over time. Although, it’s advised that men with wider ankles or additional muscular calves shouldn’t wear these men’s boots as they may find it less comfy.
  3. Jodhpur boots – Another variation of the ever-popular Chelsea boots, Jodhpur boots are ankle-length boots that were primarily aimed for horseback riding. They accentuate a rounded toe, low heel, and a strap that generally wraps around the whole ankle.
  4. Hiking boots – Perfect valentine’s gift for your man if you both partake in the love for hiking. Whether the day takes y’all on a calling hike or a simple walk around the neighbourhood, these men’s boots will make sure your man is getting the most out of it. The hiking boots feature a waterproofed lining that assures the feet remain dry indeed in the harshest conditions. The hiking boots also come with a firm arch and ankle support in order to give the best support and balance. 

Every piece of apparel men wear with boots should be cohesive in terms of size. This means that if men are wearing sleeker, smaller boots, then they should dodge big trousers. The same goes for pairing bulky combat boots with really skinny jeans, it precisely makes the feet seem bigger. Last but not the least, opting for the accurate colour is extremely significant too. Many people adhere to black as a neutral colour since it’ll get along with all the outfits. Nevertheless, opting for dark browns and blues is a considerably better idea. These are just as adaptable as black but are surely not as boring as black.

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