IKEA introduced new Pilot Virtual Reality App for Kitchen

The Gadget lovers have already heard the name Virtual Reality (VR) on all recent Smartphones major pair. The leading gadget making companies are revealed their VR such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, and Samsung’s Gear VR. However, all are trying to give various new experience apart from Movies and games by using VR. Here, the IKEA introduced new Pilot Virtual Reality App for Kitchen with the help of HTC Vive. Scroll down to get more details about this new VR Kitchen App.

virtual reality app for kitchen
Credit: IKEA virtual reality app for kitchen

IKEA introduced new Pilot Virtual Reality App for Kitchen

The new IKEA VR experience will give a new facility for users such as the users can design their own kitchen by accessing one of three real-world Ikea kitchen designs. However, the Company designed this VR concept with the help of Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games. It makes you new feel while you were redesigning an existed one or newly designing kitchen. Whereas it overlaps the new design on your existed kitchen, so you can move as you are normal days.

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The VR also have the option to adjust and customize the default kitchens on the inside with the help of Ikea furniture ideas. The Customization is nothing but, changing colors and adjust the height of kitchen items of furniture so it will assist you to make the height by concern your child also.So, let take a test if you have HTC Vive, because the pilot will end in August month of the year.

It is an another revolution in VR, concern about the product and the app. It is limited options on Ikea software to rearrange the furniture or redecorate your kitchen as you like on one special day. You should reorder the kitchen thing as they are how situated previously, so take it on your mind. As previously said, you can use this VR to change the colors of your furniture and other designing options on this Vive VR.


Stay tuned for more updates about on Virtual Reality world!


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