Facebook Developing Their Standalone Camera App

Facebook Developing Their Standalone Camera App: The Facebook developing Their another App for Standalone Camera to make 1.6 billion users to create, and share, more photos and videos with the live-streaming. These app features are similar to Snapchat and an interface that allows the users to take pictures, record the videos or live-streaming shares to their friends.

Facebook Developing Their Standalone Camera App
Facebook Developing Their Standalone Camera App

Facebook Developing Their Standalone Camera App

According to a report today in The Wall Street Journal. The Facebook.Inc London team working on this project with the initial stage and without any plans of launching date.

A Facebook spokeswoman explained about their future product plans. The spokeswoman said the overall level of sharing on Facebook was strong and “similar to levels in prior years.”

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The reason behind this developing was, the company worried about the report of the users activity. Most of the Users are reduced their own photo sharing to the public or with the friend while compare on last few years reports.

In 2012, Facebook Purchased the Instagram for $1 Billion. After that, Facebook launched their another Standalone Camera App with the name of Facebook Camera. However, the App was failed to reach their success, and so the company shut down their Facebook Camera after few years later. Now, again they tried to out their Best on the Standalone with the Live-Streaming Feature. May the Company will find their success on this Camera.

Recent Developments of Facebook

We all know about the launch of Facebook live-streaming for iPhone and Android users for the U.S earlier this 2016 at Facebook F8 conference. Also, the company reported their plans in that conference about the future developments on that live-streaming App, also, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg introduced more kinds of cameras, such as drones.

Facebook also analyzed the users requests and needs about on Photos and Video Technology. In Past, the company removed their three of failure Apps from the Apple’s App Store and Google’s play Store. Here the company tried their another Standalone App  with lots of competition. The Smartphone Users also getting more Apps on their Mobile Phones daily. On that point of View, Facebook needs their ever good response on this developing Standalone App. Otherwise, it should be also listed under the Failure Apps of Facebook.

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