Mumbai: One of the India’s Largest private sector bank, ICICI introduced new Software Robotics Today. ICICI Bank Software Robotics will help for their business process to drive all banking operations.

ICICI Bank Software Robotics launch

ICICI Bank Software Robotics to drive Banking Operations

On Thursday, September 8th, the ICICI Bank launched its latest software robotics for the various functions of the bank. On this day, the bank stock closed at Rs 276.35, it goes down at 0.65 percent while to compare with last stock close on the BSE.

The ICICI bank statement said as the response time of the customers will be reduced up to 60 percent and the accuracy will increase to 100 percent by using the latest software robots. So, thereby the efficiency and productivity of the bank will improve correctly. The new ICICI Bank Software Robotics are performing now over the 10 lakh banking transactions on every working day.

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ICICI bank has installed these software robots over 200 business process. On the retail banking operations, agri-business, trade and forex, treasury, human resources management, and others.  The new software robots are performing now over the 10 lakh banking transactions on every working day. The Bank plans to increase ICICI Bank Software Robotics over 500 at the end of this financial year.

ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar said in the statement as “This announcement comes as a milestone in terms of technology in the banking industry. ICICI bank has always been pioneers in innovation in the banking industry. The software robots bring in unparallelled operational efficiency, higher accuracy and massive reduction in processing time for customer services. With our retail banking growing at over 25 percent every year, we will be ready to handle larger volumes with the same resources.”

As per the current details, The ICICI Bank has 4,451 branches, 14,073 ATMs and call centers. It also provides internet banking and mobile banking services.