Reddit Image Upload Tool

Reddit Image Upload Tool from Today, No need for Imgur

Reddit Image Upload Tool from Today: Reddit introduced their new image uploader tool from today with their same rules. For most of years, Imgur has been the go-to service Redditors use to upload images when opening threads on the website. But, now it is in-house image hosting.

Reddit Image Upload Tool
Reddit Image Upload Tool from Today, No need for Imgur

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Reddit Image Upload Tool for Redditors

This New feature allows the users to upload their images and GIF animated files up to 20 Mega Pixel and 100 Mega Pixel respectively. It allows you directly to the website while you posting a new thread.

At present, you can check the Reddit on following subreddits for this feature: GetMotivated, EarthPorn, Gaming, Space, OldSchoolCool, Sports, Art, Aww, Dataisbeautiful, Food, Funny, Gifs, mildlyinteresting, movies, photoshopbattles or pics.

Reddit Image Upload Tool

But, Reddit allow the user to use the third-party uploading service to upload the images from their website.

A Reddit’s product team member said, ” We’re super excited to begin rolling out in-house image hosting on to select communities this week. For a long time, other image hosting services have been an integral part of how content is shared on Reddit — we’re grateful to those teams, but are looking forward to bringing you a more seamless experience with this new feature. Starting today, you’ll be able to:

  • Upload images (up to 20MB) and gifs (100MB) directly to Reddit when submitting a link.
  • Click on a Reddit-hosted image from any listing (such as the frontpage, a subreddit, or userpage) and be taken directly to the conversation and comments about that image.
  • View gifs within Reddit’s native apps with less taps and without leaving the app.

Today, we are partnering with mods to launch native image hosting in beta to 16 default communities across Reddit, followed by 50 more next week. In this iteration, native image hosting will support single image and gif uploads.”

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