Google Science Journal App turns our Android into Research Lab

Google Science Journal App turns our Android into Research Lab: Google launched their new App called Science Journal. It helps us to measure and record data in our real life time, which includes the sound, light, and our movements. This App is now available on Google Play and there is no information regarding iOS from Google. [Dated: 20 May 2016]

Google Science Journal App
Google Science Journal App turns our Android into Research Lab

Google Science Journal App

Google has partnered with the Exploratorium for this project. The App will allow you to organize and record the real-time data for your experiments on various way such as graphs, charts, organise notes and much more.

Each activity has new ideas to explore. In the activities, you’ll use sensors to create experiments and explore the world around you. Gather the materials yourself from around your house or school, or get a prepackaged kit.

Note: The App uses the sensor to record our real-time activities.

Google also formed their supportive Community by introducing their separate Online Forum. They updating their project ideas, tips and tricks on this online forum.

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As of now, they updated in Activities tab on their website for Google Science Journal App  with following topics:

  • Getting Started with Science Journal
  • Getting Started with Light
  • Getting Started with Sound
  • Getting Started with Motion
  • Wind Spinners: Getting Ready
  • Wind Spinners: Designing and Building

Google also allow you to Purchase the Material from their website such as Google’s Science Journal Kit, Sparkfun, Jameco Science Journal Kit, Dollar Days, PocketLab Maker Science Kit and much more.

It will helps us to improve our real time knowlege on Science aspects. Especially, for school and college students will get benefits from this new Google App.

They also offered their Youtube Channel and podcast for this Making Science Project.

Youtube Link:

Google Making Science Website:

Making & Science activities with Google Science Journal App
Making & Science activities with Google’s Science Journal App


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