Twitter Live in-app Periscope button for iOS and Android: The short phrase Social Media, Twitter has introduced new Live button in their iOS and Android apps. By using this button, the users will enable to launch a real-time video broadcast instantly to their followers.

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Twitter Live
Twitter Live button for iOS and Android users

Twitter Live in-app Periscope button for iOS and Android

Twitter announced their Live Streaming service Update in the last year March month. Now, it has forwarded into another step as usefully. Yes, the Twitter has an updated version along with the Live button for the mobile users. It is left to be seen whether Periscope will continue to exist as a standalone app or be integrated with the Twitter mobile client at some point.

Twitter says,

Ready to go live? Now everyone can tap a new button on iOS & Android to easily broadcast on #  from Twitter!


The users need to download or update their Twitter App for this new twitter update. Stay tuned for more updates and News under the Technology.