WhatsApp could allow to Edit sent messages & Revoke features

WhastApp has updated more features in 2016 as like that; the developers are working with other new features. It seems that the next major update of the WhatsApp is revoke and edit messages. One of the Twitter accounts, WABetaInfo tweeted that the next WhatsApp features will soon let users revoke and edit messages which they have sent.

Also, the Twitter account had the video for the revoke feature. The latest iOS beta version of WhatsApp has launched with the revoke feature. According to the sources, the WhatsApp beta for iOS is where this ability has been spotted. It allows the users to revoke the message even after the other end user has read it. Also, this latest revoke feature extends to the group chat messages.

WhatsApp could allow to Edit sent messages & Revoke features

WhatsApp allow to Edit sent messages & Revoke

Moreover, the official release of this featured version may take time by the developers. It is not clear about the release date for the public version for iOS and Android as well. The developers had a habit of testing the new features on before the public release. So, it may take a time for the revoke and edit messages feature.

The WABetaInfo tweeted that “WhatsApp had added in beta the possibility to edit messages that you already sent, and it is actually disabled by default and it’s under development.” Also, the Twitter had another update with the image of “Edit” and “Revoke” option.

According to the multiple sources, the WhatsApp is working to enhance the Status feature. Users can view the list of friends who saw their Status update in numbers. Also, the feature allows the users to delete these status updates.

The WABetaInfo Twitter account updated about these features as “NOTE: Revoking messages feature can delete messages that are already read by the recipient (actually).” Also, they added that “When you revoke a message, the message is deleted in the phone of recipient(s) (groups and in a single chat).”

According to the sources of leaks, it says that the WhatsApp is working on the features of revoke and an edit. Both of these features is another major update by the developers. It will prevent the maximum of problems between two friends or persons. Also, by using this feature, users can fix their mistake by instant message to wrong people.

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