Google Capital Rebranded, Now will be called as “CapitalG”

Google Capital Rebranded, Now to be called “CapitalG”: After the Google Introduced Alphabet Company, Rebranding of Google Continues. Alphabet company (abc.xyz), parent company of Google.com is rebranding their existing companies. Google Capital is added to the rebranded list.

Google Capital rebranded as “CapitalG”

Google Capital rebranded as "CapitalG"

Google’s Venture arm, Google Capital who focused on growth-stage companies as opposed to early StartUps, will no more be called as Google Capital. Growth-Stage Companies are the companies who have proven their New Ideas and are currently growing in the market. Google Capital is now rebranded to CapitalG.

The rebranding is worth noticing; CapitalG is a seprate thing from Google Venture. Alphabet company’s investment brand that focused on that earlier stage companies were rebranded from ‘Google Ventures’ in December 2015.

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As per our sources, when reached to Google for some insight on such rebranding,l but there were few things which we were able to confirm like the old GoogleCapital.com domain now redirects to CapitalG.com. Also, the Google Capital’s Twitter account announced that Google Capital is no more used. They have launched a new channel.

Google also mentioned that though their name has changed, their goal remains the same: to make returns-driven investments in leading companies around the world.

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