How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose Weight?

Some of ours have lots of questions and doubts about the chemical reactions that happen in our body. One of the Million Dollar questions is How many Calories should I eat to lose weight, How many calories to lose weight calculator, How the calories are burn from our resource like foods, sweat, exercise & How we get body weight from Calories? Maximum of this doubts is popped-up from skinny peoples for to change their body as good fitted. They all need to grow on the body weight. Here we have some solutions for your Questions.


Best Ways to Burn Calories to Lose Weight:

We can able to burn calories,

  • By taking good food, fruits, veggies, dairies, and non-veggies.
  • By activity like, sitting down on the floor while watching TV
  • By sweat, from running, dancing, jumping, etc.,
  • By hearing Hip-hop music
  • By lifting more weights
  • By chill temperature
  • By drinking 8 cups of water daily

The above lists are somehow important for gaining body strength as well as body weight without gaining fats.

Logical example: Most of the sports persons and dancers are looks smart with perfect body weight.

If we do all the above, then how many calories will burn?

  • The following table deals with calorie calculator to lose weight respect to the food, fruits, veggies and non-veggies and other related things. That table starts with the details of milk products, food with low calories to lose weight.
Milk and milk products
Types Measure Calories
Cow milk 1 cup ~150
Buffalo milk 1 cup ~300
Butter 1 tbsp ~50
Skim milk powder Half a cup ~430
Kashkaval cheese 100 g ~400
Fresh Fruit
Apple 1, 100 g ~50-60
Banana 1, 100 g ~100
Orange 1, 100 g ~60
Mango Half, 80 g ~70
Papaya Medium ~120
Blackberry 1 cup ~120
Blueberry 1 cup ~120
Apple juice Half a cup ~60
Fresh orange juice 1 cup ~100
Mango juice 1 cup ~120
Ice Creams
Vanilla Ice cream 1 ball ~250
Cocoa Ice cream 1 ball ~270
Strawberries 1 ball ~230
Full cook boiled eggs 1 big ~80
Omelet with cheese and veggies 115 g ~250
Fresh egg yolk 1 big ~60
Goose eggs 1 big ~170
Nuts & Legumes
Dry roasted cashew 30 g ~160
Nuts 60 g ~380
Dry almonds Half a cup ~400
Fresh green lentils Half a cup ~220
Cooked lentils I cup ~200
Carrot Medium ~30
Cooked green beans Half a cup ~20
Corn Medium ~80
Fried Potato 42 g ~160
Sammon 1, 80 g ~220
Corn flakes Cup, 25 g ~100
Wheat 1 Cup ~490
Cooked white rice 1 cup ~230
Grilled chicken wings 36 g ~99
Grilled Fish 85 g ~140
Grilled lamb rib (without fat) 90 g ~200


  • There are so many dance styles in this world. Each and every dance has different characters in all the forms. Even the calories also burned based on the character of the dance. The following table which shows the calorie calculator for weight loss relation between dance and calories under the performance of 60 minutes.
Hip hop ~ 370
Salsa ~ 400
Ballet ~380 to 450
Swing ~300 to 500
Ballroom dance ~150 to 250
Belly dance ~270 to 320
Tap ~200 to 700
Breakdance ~270 to 350
Folk ~300 to 400

Note: All the calories are mentioned under the slow performance and less body weight. You have to calculate calories to lose weight based on your environment and food habits. The calories may vary based on the dance performance and their body weight.

We will get more calories on every stand-up from the floor sitting. From the chill climate, our body will burn a few calories. Strengthening our abs simultaneously burn calories because of lifting heavy weights.

Still have this Question in your mind? “How many Calories do I need Calculator“? Then here is a calorie intake calculator to lose weight

  Calories Calculator

Desk Job Exercises to Lose Weight at Work:

Leg Exercises: Burn calories by tapping your foots on the floor. It may burn a few calories, if we were doing that frequently means, we will get some more amount of calories extra.

Walk around: Get up from your seat and walk around somewhere nearby within or out from the workplace. It also makes some more calories.

Simple Stretching Exercises: We can able to stretch our arms, legs, hands, and neck. It’s only for refreshing purposes.

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Calculate Calories for Weight Loss:

If you have more muscle mass, then your body burns more calories automatically. Yes, each pound of muscles in our body burns 30 to 50 calories to lose weight. Then calories turn into extra strengthen of our body. Push-ups and bench presses are the exercises for strengthening our body muscles.

If you have more muscle mass, then your body burns more calories automatically. Yes, each pound of muscles in our body burns 30 to 50 calories per day. Then calories turn into extra strengthen of our body. Push-ups and bench presses are the exercises for strengthening our body muscles.

After your meals, the calories may turn either as energy or stored in fat cells. If your body turns your calories into the energy of your muscles, then it is called as glycogen. If the calories are stored within fat cells then is called as triglycerides. Aerobic exercises are turned your fatty calories into energy; it will strengthen your muscles.

7 Ways to Burnout Calories Infographics:

burn calories infographics

Infographics credits: UrbaneWomen

Learn How to Burn 500 Calories with this Simple Workout:

Example: Most of the people look as fatty and most of the looks as fit. But their body weight may somehow equal. It explains you, about the strength of your body.

Jogging, walking, running, jumping rope, swimming, rowing, boxing, dancing, aquaerobics, stair-climbing and bicycling are the aerobic exercises.

Remember, It is very important to check calorie intake calculator to lose weight before getting started with these type of exercises to avoid side effects.


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