novodek lightboxes

Lightboxes: how to make advertising really effective?

Lightboxes have long gained popularity among entrepreneurs and advertising agencies as one of the most effective and economical tools of visual advertising. These volumetric structures with internal illumination have become an integral part of the marketing strategy, providing businesses with unique opportunities to attract the attention of the target audience. But let’s take a closer look at what advantages lightboxes provide for businesses and where best to place advertising structures.

novodek lightboxes

Advantages of lightboxes in business promotion

Light boxes have a number of advantages that make them a powerful marketing tool. Specialists note the following of them:

  1. Brightness and clarity of the image. Thanks to uniform internal backlighting lightbox provides maximum contrast and clarity of the image even in low light conditions. This makes the advert noticeable and attractive to potential customers.
  2. Versatility of application. Light boxes allow you to place different visual content, ranging from photos to complex graphic compositions. This makes it possible to choose the most effective way to influence the target audience. 
  3. Ease of maintenance. Unlike some other advertising media, lightboxes do not require regular complex maintenance.
  4. Mobility. Light boxes can be both stationary and mobile, mounted on wheels, which allows you to adapt your advertising and increase audience coverage.
  5. Cost and energy efficiency. Using modern lighting sources such as LED ribbons, the lightbox remains favourable in maintenance and energy consumption. This is important for effective management of the advertising campaign budget.
  6. Durability of materials. Lightboxes are made from durable, reliable materials such as aluminium profile, acrylic and polycarbonate.

Placement of light boxes for advertising

In order to lightboxes to maximise the attention of customers, its placement requires a careful approach. Optimal places for the installation of light boxes are:

  • territory near the advertised goods and services. Car dealerships, billboards, shop windows, exhibition stands, congress halls – here lightboxes will be maximally effective;
  • places with heavy traffic. Shopping and business centres – increased footfall will ensure high advertising effectiveness;
  • ¬†food courts and recreation areas. Lightboxes installed in popular locations for the target audience, will effectively tell about goods, services and promotions.

A bright and attractive light box with a competently developed design can attract attention to your brand, highlight it among competitors and increase its recognisability.

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