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Super Brain Yoga Exercises & Benefits for Healthy Living

Is this real that Super Brain Yoga exercises exits and does it work? Yes, We can able to connect the left and right hemisphere of our brain by doing simple super brain yoga technique. Each hemisphere has owned its unique sets of behaviors and activities. Yes..! The Right side brain is also called as the creative brain, and the left brain is called as the logical and analytical brain. Left side brain controls the most of the well-educated peoples. Right side brain controls the most of the well-imagination peoples.

What is Super Brain Yoga?

People are still doing super brain yoga research to find its in-depth benefits. Before getting an answer to this, it is vital to learn about our Human Brain and its functions.

super brain yoga exercise

The functions of the whole brain divided into three parts. They are Cerebrum, Cerebellum, and Brainstem.

Cerebrum deals with

  • Learning
  • Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Memory
  • Emotion
  • Problem solving
  • Decision-making

Cerebellum, receiving messages from most of the muscles of our body and then communicate with respective part of the brain and pass the reply message again to our other part of the body respectively, based on the action.

Brain stem consists Pons, Medulla Oblongata. It controls

  • Heart rate
  • Breathing
  • Digestion
  • Swallowing
  • Blinking and many others

By doing super brain yoga exercise, we can directly control all these brain functions and undoubtedly you will see some impacts after started doing yoga for brain power.

How does SuperBrain Yoga work?

Both of the right and left ear lobes are the primary responsibility for the both of right and left brains. The Right earlobe corresponds to the left brain, and the left earlobe corresponds to the right brain. By doing this Exercises, we can improve the relationship of hand fingers and ear lobes. This exercise is not only for the developing the brain activity and also for the throat, forehead and heart.

After doing this yoga for some more days, you can able to feel that mental clarity and also physical health by yourself. Already there are some people have an experienced stress reduction because of Superbrain Yoga.

By doing this properly on a regular basis, it will also help you in more ways such as Breathing, Arms positioning, Finger positioning, and Facing proper direction.

How to do Super Brain Yoga Exercises?

It is an excellent and straightforward exercise without significant body twists and turns. It is helpful for Children, Teenagers and some disorder people such as ADD, ADHD, etc.

Please follow the following steps correctly to get a good result.

  1. Stand up straight and face towards in the east direction
  2. Connect your tongue to your palate (roof of your mouth)
  3. Take your left hand’s thumb finger and index finger and squeezed your right earlobe gently.
  4. Similarly, your right hand’s thumb finger and index finger and squeezed your left earlobe gently.
  5. Then squat down gently with inhaling deeply through your nose and exhale while standing up.
  6. Repeat this exercise for 16 to 21 times daily.
  • It is must, the left arm is inside, and the right arm is outside
  • Your thumb fingers should be touching your front earlobes

Super Brain Yoga Benefits

According to the Master Choa Kok Sui, doing super brain yoga daily will give following benefits,

  • Reduce the Psychological stress
  • Improvement of your intelligence
  • Enhanced your creative power
  • Regulates the sex drive
  • Proper brain function
  • Make your soul as peace
  • It controls all of your emotional
  • Makes you as smarter, and psychologically balanced person

It is necessary to do this Yoga regularly on day by day to make your brain as more active one.

Take this Test to know if you are Left Brain Dominant or Right Brain Dominant

   Brain Dominate Test

Watch Super Brain Yoga Exercise Video

Learn how to do this yoga properly by watching this video below,

It is just a one-minute exercise, do it at least 14 times a day.

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Start doing Superbrainyoga and Stay active forever. Feel free to share this post and comment below if you have any queries 🙂

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