Social Trade Biz – Where these People went Wrong?

Social scammed more than 7 lakh people and UP Police caught them last week and found they scammed more than Rs.3,500 crores. Let’s see how Social Trade Biz went wrong and became a big scam in India. All these points are solely written to us by one of the Social Trade Biz user Mr. Ankit last week after he got scammed by Social Trade and got kicked out of their WhatsApp group in which they receive notifications regarding any updates.

Here are some of the points, Ankit told us about Social Trade Biz final updates before they got arrested and locked their bank account and closing their official website. Various questions are raised by many clients on Social Trade Biz move on their business. But people are still struggling to find answers for these questions as they were planned to scam many people.

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Social Trade Biz – How things went wrong and Ended in Scam?

  • Reducing the no. of clicks to 125 to 100. No notification was available during that point these are the promotional clicks.
  • One of the diamond upliner Mr. Santosh Kumar of the social trade told us that this information was cleared by the company 2-3 months back. None of our upliners nor this company has informed us for the 25% extra clicks. They have made the WhatsApp group for their downliners. I have protested against the changes one of the admin members Mr. Jitender Gupta removed me from the group. This clearly shows what is the intension of the social trade & it’s associates especially my upliners.
  • I don’t understand how you can do bid adieu to social trade. When you took money for that website. Example: Facebook bought WhatsApp. But they are not allowed to integrate the customer databases of each other. Flipkart takeover mantra. They neither integrated their customer databases.
  • They took money from us for the Multi-level marketing structure. But they have discarded this system.
  • I (Ankit) have received the payment of Rs. 4800 only against my investment of Rs. 57500.
  • One more thing they have the one platform untill December 2016
  • Social trade biz – Which is almost dissolved. Firstly they came with freehub then converted to frenzzup, then intmart in which they are selling a watch worth Rs. 19000. Is this a branded watch like Rado, etc?
  • If your payment method is digital ..Then why you need one & half month time for reconciliation. It clearly means you are utilising the public money to setup your businesses. Keep it up a true businessman Mr. Anubhav Mittal.

Eventhough, we have answers to some of the questions about Social Trade Biz, they are not completely agreed or satisfied all the customers. So we need to wait for Government’s move on this issue.

Stay tuned for more updates on Social Trade Biz updates and notifications.


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