WhatsApp New Update for Bold, Italic and Strikethrough

As we all know about the recent activities of the updates in WhatsApp. The company has been updated lots of features in Emoji section and document sharing. Now, it is another feature that makes the most professional look while sharing our information/feelings on words with others. We don’t know about the plans behind on this updates by WhatsApp. Recent days, the company gave more importance to upgrade lots of features on WhatsApp and restrictions like discontinuing from Blackberry OS. This Whatsapp New Update for Bold, Italic and Strikethrough formats will be helpful more on business chats.

Whatsapp New Update for Bold, Italic and Strikethrough

It is working by using asterisks(#), underscores(_) and tildes(~). Asterisks for Bold, Underscores for Italic and Tildes for Strikethrough. You can also mix it, that mean, by using all the things at one word or two of things at one word like Bold come Italic or Bold come Strikethrough.

whatsapp new update for bold, italic

Learn How to add Bold, Italic and Strikethrough formats

Note: This feature is available only on the version, 2.12.17 for iPhones and 2.12.535 for Android.

  • Download or update your WhatsApp by clicking on the below button.

   Latest WhatsApp Version for iPhone   Latest WhatsApp Version for Android

  • Include asterisks like this, #word# for Bold
  • Include underscores like this, _word_ for Italic
  • Include tildes like this, ~word~ for Strikethrough

The receiver should be updated the latest version for receiving this formats. Otherwise, they will get the messages with this (#_~) symbols.

Download the New Version directly from WhatsApp website itself. Click here for the New Version of Android OS. All of this features have been already experienced by some of the global users on Beta Version of this App.

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Watch How to use Bold, Italic, Strikethrough Feature in WhatsApp

Become as a Tester for Upcoming New WhatsApp Version

You can also become as a TESTER for upcoming WhatsApp Versions by updating your Whatsapp as Beta. Check this Google Play website link for Update your New WhatsApp Beta Version.

become a tester for WhatsApp

And also, you can leave the testing program of WhatsApp at any time. By Uninstall the testing version and Reinstall the Public version on your Google Play.


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