Lexi App to supprt iOS users for Amazon Alexa

Talk to Amazon’s Alexa from your iPhone with Lexi app

Talk to Amazon’s Alexa from your iPhone with Lexi app: Users can talk to Amazon’s Alexa through their iPhone. Amazon company’s voice assistance can connect to iOS 9.0 devices with the help of an app named ‘Lexi’. Lexi enables users the access to use Amazon’s Alexa’s useful functions, including re-ordering Amazon products, smart home controls, and of course, the ability to ask for anything. Lexi app is available on the iPhone App Store for USD 4.99.

Lexi App to supprt iOS users for Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. Echo will connect with the Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service to provide information, news, music, sports scores, weather and more instantly.

Lexi App brings Support to Amazon’s Alexa for IOS Users

The Lexi app is supported on iOS 9.0 and above iPhones-iPad and costs around Rs 300 for Indian users on the iPhone App store. The app will require an Amazon account, and users will able to ask Alexa questions, re-order, place orders for Amazon products, remotely control their smart home devices, etc on the app.

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Siri and Google Now is also offering on the iPhone. Alexa’s books and streaming music integration will still need that Amazon Echo device. Alexa is now competing against voice-controlled services such as Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s search engine. Amazon’s voice-assistant performs more than 300 tasks, such as turning on lights, hailing car rides, and controlling home thermostats. The Echo is among Amazon’s top-selling items in consumer electronics in the US.

Lexi App to Support Amazon's AlexaLexi App does offer a much cheaper alternative to the costly Echo, it is not the only/cheapest app that supports integration with Amazon’s voice assistant.

Like Lexi, the Roger App allows you to connect your phone with Alexa using Amazon account and without the need of any other devices.

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